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All students receive basic instruction in all disciplines, with the option for additional elective courses in desired areas. The accredited safety health and environmental engineering curriculum at YunTech is designed to arrange students for professional engineering registrations and for responsible engineering positions. The curriculum includes basic sciences, social sciences, management skills, engineering sciences, and engineering evaluation and design. Additional elective courses are selected from the areas of Core Courses or other courses in the Department. The Department also offers an on-campus continuing education program to obtain professional licenses to fulfill the completeness of engineering practical training.

The orientation of evaluation and design is the essence of safety health and environmental engineering, and training draws upon the basic and engineering sciences plus non-technical and societal factors to provide an integrated approach to solutions of a practical nature. The concept of evaluation and design is introduced as the freshman orientation course, with most of the capability developed at the junior and senior level (Bachelor’s thesis), as well as professional training at graduate level, culminating into a team approach to solve open-ended, realistic problems drawn from the professional experience of the faculty. A more detailed explanation of the course sequences is contained in the SHEE Advising Courses Guide, which may also be obtained from the Department.

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