Horng, Jao-Jia      

Chief Director of Emergency Toxic Response Information & Center for Advanced Processing and Analysis, Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington (Seattle), U.S.A.

>> Research Interests

Environmental Planning and Management, environmental Chemistry, Soil pollution remediation, Emergency Response

>> Selected Publications

  • Yeoung-Sheng Wang, Jyun-Hong Shen, Jao-Jia Horng, 2014, Chromate enhanced visible light driven TiO2 photocatalytic mechanism on Acid Orange 7 photodegradation, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 274(15):420–427.
  • Jyun-Hong Shen, Yeoung-Sheng Wang, Jhan-Ping Lin, Sheng-Hung Wu, Jao-Jia Horng, 2014, Improving the indoor air quality of respiratory type of medical facility by zeolite filtering, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 64(1):13–18.
  • Yeoung-Sheng Wang, Chang-Hung Lee, Shu-Huei Hsieh, Jao-Jia Horng, June 2013, Adsorption of complex pollutants from aqueous solutions by nano composite materials, CLEAN-Soil, Air, Water, 41(6), 574-580



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