Kuo, Chao-Yin     Professor

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University

>> Research Interests

Water and Wastewater Treatment, Advanced Oxidation Processes, Waste Treatment and Recycle

>> Selected Publications

  • Wu, C. H., Kuo, C. Y., Wu, J. T., Hsu, M. J., Jhang, T. J., 2016, Photodegradation of C.I. Reactive Red 2 in the Bi2WO6 system: Determination of surface characteristics and photocatalytic activities of Bi2WO6, Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis, Vol.117, No.1, pp.391-404. (SCI)
  • Kuo, C. Y., Wu, C. H., and Chen, M. J.,, 2015, Adsorption of lead ions from aqueous solutions by citric acid-modified celluloses, Desalination and Water Treatment, Vol.55, pp.1264-1270. (SCI)
  • Kuo, C. Y. and Hsiao, H. M., 2015, Preparation of iodine doped titanium dioxide to photodegrade aqueous bisphenol A under visible light, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Vol.55, pp.265-270. (SCI)


>> Contact

Office: College of Engineering 3, ES826
Tel: 05-534-2601 ext 4423. 4481
Fax: 886-5-531-2069
E-mail: kuocy@yuntech.edu.tw