Lin, Chi-Wen    Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, University of California-Davis, U.S.A.

>> Research Interests

Microbial fuel cell, Bio-energy, Green technology, Bioremediation, Air pollution control

>> Selected Publications

  • Electricity production and benzene removal from groundwater using low-cost mini tubular microbial fuel cells in a monitoring well”, Journal of Environmental Management, 2017/5(SCI: 3.13)
  • Decolorization of azo dye and electricity generation by microbial fuel cell with laccase-producing white-rot fungus on cathode, Applied Energy, 2017/2 (SCI: 5.746)
  • Fabrication of novel rhamnolipid-oxygen-releasing beads for bioremediation of groundwater containing high concentrations of BTEX, International Biodeterioration& Biodegradation,2017/1(SCI: 2.429)

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