Shu, Chi-Min

Executive Vice President, Library Director, Chief Director of Center for Regional Industry-Academia Corporation, Distinguished Chair Professor

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR), U.S.A.

>> Research Interests

Process Safety, Runaway Reaction, Quantitative Risk Assessment, Risk-based Inspection, Fire and Explosion, Storage and Transportation Safety, Lithium-ion Battery Safety

>> Selected Publications

  • Jun Deng, Qing-Wei Li, Yang Xiao and Chi-Min Shu, 2016, Expermental Study on The Thermal Properties of Coal during Pyrolysis, Oxidation, and Re-oxidation, Applied Thermal Engineering. (SCI)
  • Wei-Chun Chen, Yih-Wen Wang and Chi-Min Shu, 2016, Adiabatic calorimetry test of the reaction kinetics and self-heatingmodel for 18650 Li-ion cells in various states of charge, Journal of power source., Vol.318, pp.200-209. (SCI)
  • Mitali Das, Chi-Min Shu, 2015, A Green Approach towards Adoption of Chemical Reaction Model on 2, 5-Dimethyl-2, 5-di-(tert-butylperoxy)hexane Decomposition by Differential Isoconversional Kinetic Analysis, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.301, pp.222-232. (SCI)


>> Contact

Office: College of Engineering 3, ES 1027
Tel: 886-5-534-2601 ext 4416. 4499
Fax: 886-5-531-2069