Wan, Terng-Jou

Dean of General Affairs, Professor

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering(Environmental Engineering Div.), National Central University

>> Research Interests

Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Reclamation and Reuse, System Analysis in Environmental Engineering Green Energy

>> Selected Publications

  • Chiung-Yi Cheng Kuang-Li Cheng, Terng-Jou Wan* Wei-Nung Kuo, Fong-Ren Jhua, Chi-Min Shu, 2015, Effects of applied voltage on hydrogen production rate of a single reactor BML with Clostridium sp., Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Vol.98, pp.383-389. (SCI)
  • Shu-Min Shen, Terng-Jou Wan*, Ya-Lin Shu, 2013, Regeneration of used magnetic seeds with ultrasound employed on the treatment of wastewater from semiconductor industry, Separation and Purification Technology, Vol.108, pp.89-95. (SCI)
  • Terng-Jou Wan*, Shu-Min Shen, Sheng-Han Siao, Chong-Fu Huang, Chiung-Yi Cheng, 2011, Using magnetic seeds to improve the aggregation and precipitation of nanoparticles from backside grinding wastewater, Water Research, Vol.45, pp.6301-6307. (SCI)


>> Contact

Office: College of Engineering 3, ES 625
Tel: 886-5-534-2601 ext 4410. 4484
Fax: 886-5-531-2069
E-mail: wantj@yuntech.edu.tw