>> Research Center for Soil & Water Resources and Natural Disaster Prevention

The center desires to contribute to the local community and help the central government to carry out its policies concerning water resources.  And fulfill the duty to help Zhang-Hua, Nan-Tou, Yun-Lin, Jia-Yi counties and Touliu to solve their problems of looking for local water and soil resources and to prevent natural disasters.


>> Air Quality Modeling Center

In order to achieve the persuasiveness to public, Air Quality Modeling Center integrates different domains of professional knowledge and information to support its assignment.


>> Center for Sustainable Development and Green Technology Research

The Center has well developed in application on green environmental materials and technology particularly. We have predominated the key mechanized technologies for the absorbents of greenhouse gas, volatile organic compounds, and antibacteriaal materials successfully, and provide a high-quality, competitiveness technologies to the collaboration manufacturer.In 2009, we had signed a technological transfer contract under authorization with Sunny Friend Environmental Technology Co., Ltd