00Future and Career

The teachers have participated in the researches of Ministry of Science Technology and co-operation between enterprises and technical-vocational education for 174 cases in the recent 3 years. For this, the Department has thus won over NT$34 million dollars of project budget. And this not only earns lots of the project budget and devices for NYUST but leads all the rest of the departments on the execution of projects, even better than other related departments of other domestic colleges.


The Department, in the future, will keep supporting the integration and application of the study fields on safety, health, and environmental protection. Besides, we are to enhance our researches, consolidate the university and industry liaison system, and accordingly scheme out the corresponding programs according to the trend of the society hereafter. Meeting the demand of the government and industry, cultivating superior specialists in safety, health, and environmental engineering, and building theories and technologies in safety, health, and environmental engineering along with the global and regional tendency is the aim of the Department.